Be Authentic. Focus on Content.

Our brand style is one of simplicity and authenticity, with a focus on meaningful, concise content. Through this we build trust and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Hawai’i Life has a style and “voice” that works and feels honest to our clients. We present them with meaningful information and solid service. Rather than telling someone you’re an “expert” or that a view is “breathtaking,” allow them to come to those same conclusions. It’s so much more powerful.

Brand Elements

The Hawai’i Life logo, colors and typography are essential elements that should be used consistently across all marketing and communications to establish and reinforce brand recognition. Download the Hawaii Life logos for use in print (EPS) and web (PNG) formats.


Listing Photos & Descriptive Copywriting

Listing Photo Guidelines

  • Photos and text for your listings should accurately convey the selling points of a property, while still maintaining truth-in-marketing standards.
  • Ensure that the best image are first in the sequence of images in the MLS.
  • Do not apply special effects, frames or filters to images.
  • Include the best shots– you don’t need to include all elements of a property (that can be disclosed later).
  • Make the descriptive text descriptive- in the MLS record remarks it is appropriate to describe what differentiates the subject property and to sell the attributes, but it is not a good idea to write fiction or to include the usual adjectives.

We Suggest Avoiding

  • Use of graphic treatments just because they look cool. This includes Photoshop effects and filters, fancy frames on pictures, animations that serve no purpose etc.
  • Deviation from the core colors and typography. It dilutes the brand and makes it harder for clients to disseminate information and remember you.
  • Use of language that is cliché and contrived to evoke fantasy thoughts or visions without consideration to the client / user’s world view. This language may alienate people who call Hawai’i home.
    • Here are a few classics we have all seen before:
      “Making your dreams come true”
      “This is your dream home”
      “Must See!”
      “Piece of Paradise”

  • Use of inappropriate or deceptive photography and copywriting.

or the use of huge car magnets or flying in red, white and blue balloons. (wink!)


Use of Your Personal Photo

You’re a person not a brand. Your clients are looking for real estate experts. Many agents feel that using their photo constitutes “personal branding”; however, our market research shows that you may get more negative reactions to your photo than positive – which is why we do not advise using it. Success is not related to how attractive your headshot is, but rather that you are an expert at selling real estate.

Personal Photo Guidelines

  • Candid, authentic photos are best. A polished, professional photo is not necessarily as effective as a snapshot that conveys your energy.
  • Avoid including children, spouses, pets or vehicles in your photo.
  • Do NOT use personal photos on listing signage or open house signs.
  • Personal photos are optional on business cards.

Smarketing & In-House Creative Services

Our Smarketing system, company collateral and website tools are highly effective. Many of the materials you require may have already been designed. All of the core print products are available to you at no cost and we are always expanding the available print templates. Your challenge is to come up with meaningful content. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We’re here to help.

*Smarketing system may only be used for company listings uploaded to Salesforce.

Custom Marketing from our In-House Creative Team
Custom Marketing services and expenses are billable to the requesting agent. If you wish to have custom work outside of what is already developed, our services are available at the discounted rate of $50/hour.

    Developing Your Own Custom Marketing

    All print ads, custom marketing, signage, etc. created outside of the company must be approved by the Creative Services Team prior to being distributed. Please email with approval requests and questions.

      Custom Websites

      Your custom website content belongs to you and you may cancel or move the site at any time. We’ll archive your data and even help you move the site to another server (fees may apply). Please keep in mind all search features will not be integrated if you move or discontinue your agent website.

      The standard URL for a single agent site is (ie. or (ie. The standard URL for a multi-agent site is the team members first initials, (ie. unless an exception is authorized. Exceptions must be approved by HL management and cannot contain locations, neighborhoods, islands or popular Hawaiian words. Keep in mind, for both single and multi-agent sites, incoming leads will be assigned to 1 (one) account in Propertybase.

      You are responsible for paying for all fees if you order services from us. You are also responsible for reviewing the accuracy and functions of your website. Hawaii Life monitors the server, network and features, but we do not monitor the accuracy and functions specific to your website. All content must adhere to applicable real estate and civil laws. Copyright infringements are serious and strictly prohibited.


        Our goal is to create “Smart Print.” We advocate quality printing using sustainable practices. The Creative Team actively researches and works with sustainable printers (preferably local). Unless otherwise agreed, commercial printing costs are payable by the agent.

        When using our office printers, try to conserve and use quality paper.


          We welcome your feedback on what works vs. what doesn’t. We are all on the same team and everyone benefits from quality, effective marketing systems and open communication. If you have some constructive feedback or would like to develop something new please contact us at Create@HawaiiLife.comWe will listen