Types of Signs


Standard Signs

Hawaii Life supplies the 2-sided main sign, mounting hardware and posts. Our 2-sided main signs are made of .06mm aluminum, the same grade as street signs. The 4” X 4” posts are durable and easy to install (see instructions below).

How to Obtain a Standard Sign & Posts:
Contact your BIC to obtain complete sign sets with mounting hardware.

Hawai’i Life requires a $40 deposit for each set, which is refunded upon return of the sign set in satisfactory condition.


High Wind Signs

A Frame with Staying Power. Our high wind sign solution features a steel frame (5mm PVC) that requires no bolts or screws. It’s powder coated white to enhance appearance and durability. Using a mallet, it can be more easily driven into the terrain.

How to Obtain a High Wind Sign:
Contact your BIC to order a High Wind Sign.

Hawaii Life requires a $40 deposit for each sign, which is refunded upon return of the sign in good, clean condition.


Custom Signs

The Hawai’i Life Art Department will design and coordinate your custom sign order free of charge. All you have to do is assemble your information and we’ll send you a mock-up.

How to Order:
Email Create@HawaiiLife.com with the following info: 

1) Specify the sign dimensions. Consider County and subdivision codes, then determine the optimum size for visibility and readability. Common sizes are 4’ x 3’ and 5’ x 3’. Signs can also be 2-sided if applicable. A photo from the point of view where the sign will be installed is very helpful. 
2) What will the sign say? What are you selling? Provide a short headline with just the key information. Also provide your contact info.
3) Additional notes & information. Are you including a map?


Personalized Headline & Agent Riders

We highly recommend ordering riders through the Hawaii Life Art Department for the best quality, price and ease of installation. All riders are 2-sided and the same street-sign grade aluminum as the primary sign. UV laminate ensures rich color and is guaranteed for 5 years against rusting, chalking and breaking. Placing an order with us ensures proper hole pattern for mounting and hanging. We’ve negotiated an agency discount, which is passed on to you. See estimated costs below (actual cost may vary). Shipping is additional.


  • 1-4 Riders: $50.42/each

  • 5-9 Riders: $21.85/each

  • 10-25 Riders: $16.79/each

  • 25+ Riders: $12.79/each


Bulk Sign Orders vs Rush Production (Local Sign Vendor)

Rush Sign Orders
Sometimes you need sign riders right away. We stock the main signs and posts, and help you work with preferred local vendors to get your name and promo riders. Ordering locally is quick, but more costly than via our bulk orders.

How it works:

  • We design your custom riders free of charge.

  • We provide a preferred local sign vendor.

  • We provide press-ready print files that you can send to the sign printer.

  • You are responsible for payment and pickup of your signs from the vendor.

  • Contact Create@HawaiiLife.com to order rush signs.


Bulk Ordering (Least Expensive / Takes Longer)
Hawaii Life periodically places bulk sign orders with our mainland vendor. These signs take 4-6 weeks to arrive, but are about HALF as expensive as ordering locally.

How it works:

  • BIC’s periodically circulate the sign ordering announcement.

  • Agents can request signs and custom riders in the bulk orders.

  • Hawaii Life will bill you for your custom riders.

  • There is no charge for design services.

  • Individual sign orders with our mainland vendor is not available.



Listing Sign Assembly & Installation

Simple. That’s how we like to keep it. Download Installation Instructions

Signs represent a considerable investment and are valuable to sellers and to you. It is important to take care of signs, maintain them, straighten them up and check on them periodically.

1) Slide the hanging arm through the two aligned holes on the upright post. Position the arm so that the two routed slots are both located inside the post. Then slide the internal key into the two slots.

2) Snap the post cap and the two arm end caps in place. These will unsnap for disassemble in the future.

3) Install the stake by driving it into the ground using a hammer. Be sure to keep the stake level as it is driven in. Next slide the post over the stake.

4) To hang your sign, thread two eye bolts into the two locations that best center your sign on the arm. Next thread the safety hooks into the holes on your sign and then thread them into the eye hooks. Lock the safety hooks and your sign will hang safely without coming loose.

*Make sure posts are level to avoid crooked signs.  In high winds, stake the posts with guy-lines to further stabilize structural integrity. We recommend allowing the signs to swing so as not to create undue pressure.

*Make sure posts are level to avoid crooked signs. In high winds, stake the posts with guy-lines to further stabilize structural integrity. We recommend allowing the signs to swing so as not to create undue pressure.