Promos & Deals

We have special agency arrangements with publishers that allow us to pass significant savings to you.

How to get started


Collect information from where you’re advertising regarding deadlines, size and any other print specifications.


What is the purpose of your ad? Describe who it is for and what is your message (what you’d like to convey.) Include any art or images. Include the contact information or call-to-action that will appear in the ad.


Provide detail about publication, your Ad goals and any pertinent information and submit a request to create a custom ad to Create.


Questions & Terms

Do you know where you’re advertising?
Contact the Create Team if you need help or recommendations on popular or relevant publications.

Would you like to see some past ads?
View previous Advertisements to get to a good starting point. Any of these can be customized to your own message. Choose a direction, tell us what you want to say. Make it your own “voice.”

Are you working with the publisher or us?
If you are working directly with publisher, you will arrange payment and detail with them directly. If you are participating in any of Hawaii Life’s Special Bulk Advertising Arrangements like Pacific Business News (PBN) or Luxury Home Magazine contact us directly, not the publisher.

What will you get charged?
We are able to produce most ads at no charge to you, however increased design time due to revisions or incorrectly submitted content may be subject to design fees at $80/hr. Get started early. Late submissions will incur rush fees at $160/hr.

What kind of approvals are needed?
You are responsible for reviewing accuracy of your ad content. All content must adhere to applicable real estate and civil laws. Copyright infringements are serious and strictly prohibited. Make sure that you have the rights to use content for your ad. All content in your ad must must be approved in writing by your BIC. Hawaii Life must approve all ads and content. Advertising and marketing without approval is against company policy.

Ad Sharing Program

Hawai‘i Life has created an advertising-sharing program for 2019 to share advertising costs with you. Simply choose great places to advertise, produce your ads with the Create Team and Accounting will reimburse ad-sharing costs for you. Let’s create some great advertising together!

How to:

  1. Contact Create with your advertisement info, as above.

  2. Receive approval on the media buy and produce your ad with the Create Team.

  3. Provide Accounting with copy of media-buy invoice.


  • The cost share is the same as the commission split that you share with Hawaii Life.

  • If your split is 50/50, Hawaii Life will share 50% of the advertising media cost with you.

  • Advertising must be created or approved by the Hawaii Life Create Department.

  • This is for print and other media advertising only. This does not apply to other marketing materials. (Ie; postcards, signage, emailers)

  • For special bulk advertising arrangements like Luxury Home Magazine, the cost share is replacing (not in addition to) any prior HL contribution agreements.

  • Create Department design fees apply for any custom ad creation and are not a part of the ad sharing costs. All costs for custom work will be billed to agent.

  • Company Policies and advertising standards apply.

  • Provide Accounting with copy of media buy invoice/receipt within 30 days of purchase for reimbursement. Invoices later than 30 days cannot be accepted. Reimbursement will go to you, the agent, not the publisher/media.

  • The advertising sharing program is on a trial basis though 2019.


If you need any help with the above, we’re here for you.

Contact Create to get started.