Hawaii Life has a Social Network of nearly 150,000 people. We do not buy followers, these are people who have decided to follow us because they are interested in Real Estate and Lifestyle in Hawaii. We have built this audience to be able to market Hawaii Life and our agents, and we would like for you to be able to take advantage of this massive audience. It’s all as simple as submitting a request to create@hawaiilife.com with “Social Media Request" in the subject line.

We Offer the Following Services:


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1) Request to be Posted. 

Get your blog post, or listing on Hawaii Life’s Social Networks. If you have something you want us to share on our network, send it our way and we will get it out there. All we need are:

  • 3-5 High Res images (if it’s a listing) (Link to photos, or attach to email)

  • The link of property or blog post you want shared.

  • MLS# if it’s a property.

  • Copy you want used in the post. If not, we will pull from Listing description, or text from Blog Post.

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2) Pay for Boosted Posts.

Similar to "Request to be Posted”, If there is a listing, or blog post that you want to ensure is seen by Hawaii Life’s Social Network, or if you need a large number of views to share with your seller. All we need are everything listed in “Request to be Posted" along with the items below.

  • We create and manage the promotion for you and report back with the results of your promotion. 

  • You only pay for the boost, Hawaii Life does not charge an additional fee. 

  • Budget (Anywhere from $25 - $100 for a week. The higher the budget the higher views)

  • You are invoiced by Hawaii Life at the end of the month. 

3) Social Media Management.

We assign someone to manage your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and supplement your Linkedin). 

  • One year commitment. 

  • Cost is $500/mo. 

  • You need to produce content though (listings, blogs, videos, etc) and we work together to get posts lined up each month. 

Social Media Tips

For social media best practices see our Social Media Guidelines and FAQ’s here

Don’t forget about our Best Practices from “How to Be a Smarketing Pro” 

  • DO keep your copy short and sweet, enticing and appealing

  • DO include video and images in your posts (these rule in this space!)

  • DO use the best image and leading example of the home’s best feature

  • DO include an MLS number for the subject property and link it back to the HL listing page ie. (MLS# 12345

  • DON’T tell the whole story in your post, but rather, share links to the full story stored elsewhere (in your blogs, your listing and your video)

  • DON’T pitch. Social media isn’t about pitching. It’s about interacting

  • DON’T promise or predict the future such as potential rental income or timing to sell

  • DON’T overuse hashtags