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Check out these pro tips from Hawaii Life’s social media experts, who manage the company’s social channels. They monitor what types of posts garner the most engagement.


Basic Tips

  • If you are going to focus on one social network, make it Facebook. Facebook has the largest number of users and offers you the potential to create ads targeted by age, gender, zip code, and more. Facebook serves Real Estate best!
  • Always include quality photos or video, regardless of the channel you’re using. Posts with an image or video always get the most engagement.
  • Authenticity is key! Whether you’re creating a blog post or sharing on social media, remember to be yourself. If you are confident discussing a topic with a client, then you can use that topic and confidence to create a great blog or social media post.
  • At a bare minimum, post at least once a week, but posting multiple times a week is ideal.
  • Follow pages of companies and contemporaries you like. Mirror what they are doing, but make it your own. Inspiration is everywhere!


Get Social

If you’re not yet active on social media, you should be! It is an immediate and impactful means of communicating, as well as reaching a wide audience. It’s one of the primary ways that consumers share their preferences and make recommendations to their social groups. Let them be your word-of-mouth advocates! Share your listings, blog posts, images and videos to reach potential new clients. The impact can be exponential, especially when you share enticing images and videos of beautiful Hawaii homes and locales!


Hawaii Life’s Social Sharing

Hawaii Life shares blog posts on the company’s channels that have high-quality images and video and cover detailed stories about listings, as well as market-specific posts about lifestyle, activities, restaurants, and agent experiences. Authenticity is key.


What to Share

Definitely share your own blog posts and Hawaii Life’s social posts, but don’t limit yourself! Post about anything that you think is interesting. If you like it, it’s likely that your your audience and future clients will, too! A mix of impactful photos that share well, short and engaging video clips, as well as quotable sentences are key units to include in your blog posts. You can excerpt these and share original images on Instagram – a social media tool that’s driven by fresh, original pictures and very short video clips. Facebook Live is a great place to share longer video clips. You can embed videos and images within your blogs, as well. Don’t forget that LinkedIn reaches your professional contacts, so that’s a great place to showcase your knowledge, professionalism and areas of interest by sharing third-party articles with your professional network.


Create Bite-Sized Buzz AND Blogs

When you begin with creating a blog, assemble shareable, bite-sized pieces for use on your various social media channels. This may also be a helpful way to think about and assemble your blog posts – by breaking them down into component parts so you’re not overwhelmed by the whole. A few photos here, a short video there, and a paragraph or two of punchy, well-written copy that ties it all together. Challenge yourself to get better at writing, taking photos and videos, while sharing your listings, info, market knowledge and love for your Hawaii LIfe.

A video share with the video embedded in a Hawaii Life blog post:



Pro Tip

Create a series of social media posts about your listing or a topic you want to focus on, then turn that series into a blog post later.  

If you have a new listing you want to showcase, create Part 1 – a post that covers the basics of the listing. Then in Part 2, post about the property’s unique features (the hardwood floors, the outdoor shower, the view). Then in Part 3, post about the area lifestyle and many conveniences and attractions. Tell a story with your social posts. Then combine Parts 1, 2 and 3 into a well-rounded blog post about your listing, its desirable features, and the neighborhood. Share a link to the blog post to tell the complete story you’ve put together.

A blog share with appealing, original imagery:



Tips by Channel

Instagram calls for lifestyle photos and videos. Take photos and videos of your day-to-day activities. Show that you are human. Share your listings, and then in future blog or social posts, tell a story about the listing (share lifestyle, history, unique features, area info, etc.)

Twitter is a perfect place to share industry thoughts, tips and insights. Share links to articles that are relevant to you and how you do business, as well as links to your own blog posts.

Facebook is a suitable place to share all of the above.

Share posts about your own lifestyle, your listings, relevant articles of interest from third-party websites, and of course, links to your own blog posts.

Facebook Live. Facebook’s algorithms give videos priority in user feeds and gives Facebook Live videos even more priority. Facebook Live clips don’t need to be a certain length. Make Facebook Live videos as long as feels natural for you. Share your drive to the beach, a walk-through of your listing, a walk around the exterior of your listing. If your listing has a view, share it on Facebook Live. Anything that you think one of your clients would find interesting, share it. Potential new clients are also likely to be intrigued!


We will say it again, BE YOURSELF. Authenticity is key…


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