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  1. You be you. Authenticity rules.
  2. Share Pics and Video. They dominate!
  3. You're an expert. Flaunt it!
  4. Engage. Link to other content.
  5. Just Do It! Make it a practice.

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Regular Weekly Features

We highlight regular features on the home page of Blogging about these categories gives you a better chance to get your posts to the home page, which means lots of exposure for you!

Regular Weekly Features:

  • Unique Homes 
  • Real Estate Development 
  • Architecture & Design 
  • Market Trends 
  • Tips & Advice 
  • Home Improvement 
  • Lending & Finance 

Topic Garden

Below are evergreen ideas to plant a seed. Choose from different categories and customize with your specialization and market expertise. Showcase your personality and your professionalism. We recommend an 80-20 split between market-focused and lifestyle content.

Unique Homes

  • Round-up Article - 2+ listings of a home type or locale (i.e. mid-century, beach houses, tiny homes, North Shore homes)
  • Single Property Profile - The unique design features of a particular, unique listing
  • History of a Property - A unique history and a stand-alone story (i.e. an Ossipoff designed home)
  • Home Trends - Upsizing, downsizing, unique design trends, surprising home buying patterns, etc.
  • Hawaii-focused Articles - Using nationwide home buying/selling trends as a starting point

Market Trends

  • Market Trend Analysis - Analyze or comment on one or more current real estate data point
  • Market Outlook - A forward look by neighborhood, by island, by town, etc.
  • What's popular now (and why)? - Home types, decor, architecture and design trends
  • Round-up Articles - Top 5 most /least expensive homes by state, island, neighborhood
  • Buying Advice Articles - Top 5 best homes, kitchens, ideas, trends, neighborhoods, etc.

Home Improvement

  • Home Staging / Curb Appeal - Their importance in home sales, how-to articles, examples
  • Round-up Articles - Best kitchens, outdoor showers, swimming pools, etc. (by island, in HI, w/listings)
  • Home Renovation - Ideas & How-to Articles
  • Interior Design - Ideas & How-to Articles
  • Landscape Architecture - Its importance in home sales, trends, how-to articles, examples


  • Design Features of New Developments (by Island)
  • Lifestyle Offered by a New Development (access to sports, amenities, dining, beaches, schools, conveniences)
  • Trends in New Construction
  • Value Analysis of Purchasing A or B (features/benefits, why choose A or B)
  • Land Use - Urban core revitalization, urban sprawl, gentrification, environmental issues

Lending & Finance

  • How-to Articles - how to save for your first home, how to get the best rates
  • Best Options Articles - for military or young families, retirees, first-time home buyers, etc.
  • Advantages of Using a Pro - agent, mortgage broker, lawyer, builder, etc.
  • Rate Trends and Mortgage Types
  • You're a Subject Matter Expert! Talk about HOAs, disclosure, contracts, offers, transaction strategy, etc.

Topics By Island

Each market has a unique need. Below are hot or trending topics that have been reported by island.


  • All things Kukui'ula
  • All things "North Shore" - to prep for the upcoming "North Shore Preserve" 
  • Kiahuna Golf Course - its features, right at your doorstep, starting at $600K
  • Spotting Monk Seals on Kauai's South Shore
  • Best Beaches / Best Hikes / Best Restaurants, etc.


  • West Maui - Why Kapalua was the original resort
  • Why Canada loves Maui - where they buy, what they don't buy, and why
  • Why locals live Upcountry
  • Moving to Maui – job market, housing inventory, property taxes, cost of living, average income
  • How to Eat Like a Local on Maui (or best restaurants, ono grindz, etc.)
  • Top 5 / Best Hikes on Maui


  • North Shore: Turtle Bay / North Shore Community / Vacation Rental Ordinance / Haleiwa and its awesomeness / Surf Season (search “North Shore Oahu” for recent posts to avoid duplication and to link to related articles)
  • The Future of Kaka'ako: What's Ward Village going to do? Any other buildings going up? When is Whole Foods opening? Is the rail going to make it there?
  • Kaimuki Roots: Why Kaimuki is making a come back to become the hippest neighborhood on Oahu (search “Kaimuki” for recent posts to avoid duplication and link to related articles about Kaimuki dining, etc. )
  • CIRE's new Tokyo Affiliate, and what it means for Hawaii Life
  • Curbing Urban Sprawl - How does Ward Village affect the conversation about living in Honolulu/on Oahu
  • D.R. Horton - Ha'akea at Ho'opili (Ewa) / Pohakala at Mehana (Kapolei)
  • How is the development boom in Kapolei affecting adjacent areas like Mililani?


  • More Mauna Kea Resort! The story - What's inside the resort
  • Hapuna Beach and the upcoming renovation and the project there
  • Why the Kohala Coast Club Communities are so awesome (more on Kukio + Hualalai + Kohanaiki!)
  • The affordability of East Hawaii / Why Hilo may be the hippest town in Hawaii
  • Best Snorkeling Spots Near Keauhou Bay/Honua Kai

Blog Topics 3 Ways

Write short. Write long. Take pics. Shoot video. Edit. Post. Repeat.

There are plenty of ways to captivate readers and generate leads with your blog posts.


1) Writing

Written blogs are the most common and come in all sizes. Write short, medium and long length blogs. Use bullet points or listicles. Your readers consume content in different bites so don’t feel you have to produce a novel. Interlink shorter posts for longer engagement.

Listicle & DIY Photos


2) Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words! Readers respond to authentic, do-it-yourself imagery and gorgeous pro imagery. Do both! Shoot with your smartphone or your pro camera. A simple photo slideshow with captions is easy and effective! Show, don't tell! 

iPhone Photos & Video Blog


3) Videos

Video content is incredibly “sticky” — readers love it. DIY videos are as popular as slick professional ones. Just shoot and edit with apps on your phone. Capture your listing, yourself, or a locale and share it as a blog post, with just a few words of description. Easy!

Listing Walk-Thru Video




Free Videos!  

We want to create free videos for your blogs using only your very best property photos.

For agents with lots of quality images in their posts, we will produce FREE videos, add them to your blog, and then share them on social media. Make sure your posts have at least 5 to 6 great images – preferably ones that are beautiful, informative and original (read: not just stock photos). We'll do the rest! Video content is very desirable to viewers. If you feel you have a post that is well suited for a video, please let us know. 

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Agent Spotlight

We want to create a blog post about each of you, your Hawaii Life and your unique personality.

Answer some questions about yourself and we'll be happy to showcase your unique Hawaii life in a blog post.


Re-Author Old Posts

Old blogs are a great place to start.

Update an old blog topic authored by Hawaii Life with updated content, your take and fresh ideas.

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Are You Stuck?

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We strongly encourage you to create your own unique content.

Your stories are always the best reflection of your point of view, expertise, and personality. However, we also understand that you may not have the time or passion to consistently contribute to the blog. Luckily there are writers out there who are willing and happy to do it for you. Outsourcing can be a great way to maintain a consistent presence on the website's blog, when you simply can't find the time to download your thoughts and ideas. We've answered some frequently asked questions about finding great freelancers and getting the most out of that relationship. 

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Social Sharing

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Blogging Basics

Hawaii Life has all the basic info you need to create a blog post in WordPress.

If you’re confused or need a refresher, check out these blogging basics.

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