When marketing a property, there are some fundamental DO’s & DON'Ts we’d like to recommend.



  • DO use clear, representative and well-lit images

  • DO allude to the appeal of the area, the nearby lifestyle and amenities

  • DO use Hawaii Life Blue or White for arrows and property outlines

  • DO feature aerial photos for vacant land listings

  • DO feature photos shot during different times of the day

  • DON’T use cartoon-like red or yellow arrows and outlines

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 3.37.23 PM.png
  • DON’T use dark pictures from a cloudy day


DO - Bright and Well Lit

381571_24 dark.jpg

DON’T - Too Dark




  • DO keep MLS listing videos under two minutes and social media videos under thirty seconds

  • DO use relevant music that fits the edit

  • DO use intuitive and relevant pacing between frames

  • DO use a mixture of photos and videos

  • DO call to action that leads to HawaiiLife.com listing page

  • DO keep title fonts consistent and use Whitney or Open Sans font styles

  • DON’T use too many titles

  • DON’T use poorly lit video that doesn’t show the home at its best


  • DO use an attention grabbing first sentence

  • DO use spell and grammar check

  • DO use abbreviations that make sense to the average reader

  • DO include the property address in the listing description

  • DON’T use bold font, ALL CAPS, exclamation points or red arrows

  • DON’T use overly wordy descriptions or flowery language

  • DON’T tell the reader how they will feel

  • DON’T use clichés like “piece of paradise”, “dream home”, “making your dreams come true”, “Shangri-La”, “Must See”

  • DON’T make financial projections, for example “good investment”


  • DO describe the surrounding area and lifestyle

  • DO detail the conveniences and amenities available nearby

  • DO share images in your blogs of the surrounding area, not just of the home itself

  • DO showcase your knowledge of architecture and design

  • DO highlight your market knowledge by putting the home and listing in a larger context (competitive pricing, inventory in the neighborhood, performance of investments in the neighborhood in recent years and market trends)

  • DO use verbiage that is relevant to the buyers property search

  • DO include one link to your personal site within each blog post

  • DO create a link to the words “contact me” to your Agent profile

  • DON’T use clichés like “paradise” and “dream home”

  • DON’T forget to run a spell and grammar check

  • DON’T use images you don’t own or have express written permission to use

  • DON’T blog in silos, but try to connect your listing copy with linked text to other blog content about the area, conveniences, lifestyle and things to do

  • DON’T violate the Fair Housing Act. Remove words like “Ohana”, “Family”, “Investment”, “Income”, “School”, “within walking distance”


  • DO keep your copy short and sweet, enticing and appealing

  • DO include video and images in your posts (these rule in this space!)

  • DO use the best image and leading example of the home’s best feature

  • DO include an MLS number for the subject property and link it back to the HL listing page ie. (MLS# 12345)

  • DON’T tell the whole story in your post, but rather, share links to the full story stored elsewhere (in your blogs, your listing and your video)

  • DON’T pitch. Social media isn’t about pitching. It’s about interacting

  • DON’T promise or predict the future such as potential rental income or timing to sell

  • DON’T overuse hashtags