1) Excellent photographs increase your chance of selling a home

Our research shows nearly 90% of buyers search online for homes, while only half that number visit open houses. Most buyers today conduct their preliminary research at home — reviewing online photos.

2) Hire a professional photographer that knows how to shoot quality images

Online listings are now the most popular source for finding a home. Low quality images are not supported. Contact Create@HawaiiLife.com if you are looking for professional photography.

3) Use Dropbox to deliver your BEST images to Create@HawaiiLife.com

We only need the best and we need the originals. Compile at least 20 but 40 max photos of interior, exterior and surrounding areas as high resolution JPEGs. Do not degrade or downsize. Submit ORIGINAL images and pre-select BEST images.

Do not send us the files directly via email. Visit the DropBox help page to learn more.

4) When you send us your high-res originals, we will:

• Perform professional color, saturation and light adjustments
• Safely store the originals on our server. No more lost images.
• Send you a set of images that are optimized for the MLS.
• Have them available for usage across all forms of marketing. Send um once and we’ve got um.


If you have questions or concerns, contact us at Create@HawaiiLife.com