Customer Experience Activity Update

For your knowledge And data talking points with your seller prospects and clients.

Light Blue = Current 1 year of activity.     Dark Blue = Previous 1 year of activity.        Dated 10/1/16
Light Blue = Current 1 year of activity.     Dark Blue = Previous 1 year of activity.        Dated 10/1/16

This past year we switched much of our manual process to a more responsive and engaging channel, SMS text, as you can see in the Chat versus Text sessions activity.

Need new Blog Content? Write for the CE Team!

Looking for blog content? How about writing specifically for the Customer Experience team to use when they are answering inquires?

Below is a list of content topics that our CE team says are commonly asked questions, but don't have a written answer on our Hawaii Life Blog. By answering one or more of these questions and posting them to the blog, it's likely that the Inside Sales team will forward your blog to prospects, which means you get additional exposure to the public....

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All About Referrals: Cathy Possedi

Several of our agents are experts at making outbound referrals. We asked them why and how they make those referrals, and are sharing those answers with you. Cathy Possedi was born and raised on Oahu, and is now an agent on the windward side of the island. She has a deep history and connection here, and uses her contacts and knowledge to find the best homes for her clients...

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All About Referrals: Alison Wisnom

Several of our agents are experts at making outbound referrals. We asked them why and how they make those referrals, and are sharing those answers with you. Alison Wisnom is an agent on the windward side of Oahu, and has a specialty in helping military families. That means many of her clients come and go on a regular basis, and need referrals to a Realtor near their new base...

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Blogging: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Congratulations to me! In the recent Blogging Contest, I won the category for most leads generated from blogs during the contest period!

But what I really "won" was the ongoing benefit I receive from what Iʻve found to be my highest ROI form of advertising/farming/marketing: solid customers who are ready to buy or list with me. During the contest period I also happened to close two $1+ transactions with buyers who found me from blog posts. Early this year I listed and sold a condo when the Seller called me off a blog post Iʻd just written about their community...

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Blog Contest Winners Announced

The Hawaii Life Spring Blog Contest ended this week.

And the winners are:

Category 1: # of Blog Leads

Beth Robinson received 5 leads during the contest, some from blogs that dated back to 2012!

Category #2: Neighborhood Expert

Carrie Nicholson won the Neighborhood Expert category with 8 blogs written about Hualalai Resort.

Category #3: Popularity Contest  

Liam Ball won the popularity contest that ran on Hawaii Life's main social media page with his blog about Shipping Containers.

Extra Credit:

Eleven agents wrote their first blogs, and Sara has sent them a prize from the merch closet.

Mahalo to everyone for participating and congratulations to the winners!

How to Use a Form Template in Docusign

Log into Docusign at

Click on the "send" tab at top


Choose an Online Document


Choose Shared Templates


Type in the form name (or portion thereof) in the search field and hit enter


Click the box next to the form you want and then click add at the bottom


Enter the email address and name of the signer (if there is more than one signed, just add them to the left and click "add signer"


Enter subject and message


Click on next at bottom left


Type in the information for the property (if you use the Salesforce to Docusign feature this will auto populate the data)


Drag over signatures and dates at the bottom.

Click send at the bottom left.


John Climaldi, R(B) is Hawaii Life's Broker-in-Charge (BIC), Ewa Office!

Aloha Everyone,

I'm excited to announce John Climaldi, R(B) as Hawaii Life's Broker-in-Charge (BIC), Ewa Office!

John brings with him deep character, wide experience, excitement about business growth, and servant leadership to our BIC Statewide Team.

For Oahu, and Ewa/West Oahu specifically, he brings camaraderie and a willingness to get the job done. John understands that Leadership means listening, collaborating, checking facts, and obtaining results.

(blah blah blah...)

Look. John is cool beans. He surfs, he's done the BI Ironman, he paddles. He's from the mainland and he's roots. He's smart, he's an experienced broker. He knows his stuff, and you're going to want to be his best friend. That's it. He wants to add value to your business and assist you in achieving your goals. He's an incredible addition to our BIC team.

Welcome, John!


Correct a PC Without Losing Tags and Addenda

Rhonda's Hot Topics: Corrections on a Purchase Contract

You can easily replace the document in your Docusign envelope and not lose the existing tagging and addenda, etc.

  1. Make corrections to PC in Zipforms
  2. Save the PC as a PDF to computer
  3. Log into Docusign
  4. Click on down arrow to the right of the envelope the PC is in and choose "correct"
  5. The envelope will now open.
  6. Click "edit Documents & Tags" at the bottom left of page.
  7. Click "Documents" on the right side of the page
  8. Click the down arrow to the right of the PC.
  9. Click "replace document" (the bottom option)
  10. Click browse from my computer
  11. Find the file where you saved it on the computer and click ok at the bottom
  12. Docusign will now take you back to your document envelope.
  13. Click "Correct" at the bottom left of screen. 

Use Your Phone For Work

Who needs to hear from you and when? The underlying principle for using Salesforce is to know who to communicate with and when.

Deliver targeted content. Respond to inquiries. Follow up with your prospects. ALL while referencing all the information you have or need about your clients or prospects.

Salesforce alleviates the need for you to remember what to do and when to do it. Once you set it up, Salesforce will perform these functions for you or remind you to do it systematically and automatically.

Get it set up and adopt a routine. Once you do, it will become second nature. You'll have more mental space! 

The first step is gathering your contacts to be entered into the system for use.

Salesforce allows a user to directly import a record(s) directly from their mobile device (phone or tablet) while logged into the SF1 mobile app.

brief visual instructions

Step 1) Add New Contact


Step 2) Import from Device


For mass (bulk) extraction of contacts from your iOS device, you can use the simple SA Contacts Export app with the click of a couple buttons.

Once you have exported your contacts CSV file, email it to for administration to import into your account.

brief visual instructions

Step 1) Export Contacts


Step 2) Access Export File


Step 3) Email Exported Contacts


A CSV (Comma Separated Value) file is the standard format for exporting and importing data between systems.

Want To Earn Extra Income From Referrals?

We all love to receive those great LeadingRE referrals...but it could even be more lucrative sending outgoing referrals for your clients and SOI who may be moving to another part of the world! Remember your business does not just stop with Hawaii - checking with your clients and SOI to see who needs help finding an agent where they are moving to shows that extra step providing a "complete package" of services. Have you asked your clients who are moving to the mainland or abroad if they have an agent to assist? Are you comfortable asking for the business? Referrals are the core to our business. Taking that extra step can really make a difference.

Pat Poole will be joining us from LeadingRE and wants to talk story with you and share how you can increase this side of your business. We have two sessions - come to one or join both! Lunch will be provided at the Ewa Office and Cocktails and Pupus at the Halekulani.

Please RSVP with so we have a headcount.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Christie's International Real Estate Affiliation

Clarity. Consistency. Style. 

Hawai’i Life’s affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate provides a new and exciting marketing channel for our listings and agents, similar to our relationship with Luxury Portfolio. In fact, over 30 Luxury Portfolio members worldwide are also Christie's affiliates, many in our "feeder" markets. This means more exposure for our sellers to targeted buyers above $1M.  

Hawaii Life is a strong local brand, known to 33 million people worldwide through and HGTV. Christie's is a well known international luxury brand, whose owner also owns Gucci, YSL, etc. If you look at those brands, for the most part, their visual expression is similar to Hawaii Life in terms of design simplicity. 

That being said, incorporating the Christie's logo into our existing marketing was a new challenge for our create team (and I think they did a fabulous job!). 

Hawai‘i Life is our company, our brand. We are affiliated with Christie’s. The relationship needs to be clearly communicated graphically and literally across our marketing in a manner that is easy for clients and public to understand. For example, we will always include the text: “Hawai‘i Life is an Exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate.” (Also, per DCCA regulations we must always clearly state our registered brokerage is “Hawai‘i Life Real Estate Brokers.”)

Hawai‘i Life and Christie’s brands may be used in a variety of configurations depending on the purpose, media and design. Although flexible, the objectives remain consistent: to clearly communicate the affiliate relationship and represent both brands. 

You'll find more information on ordering HL + Christie's branded products in Smarketing.

Expect the visual expression of our affiliation to evolve over time. This is just the beginning of how the Hawai‘i Life and Christie’s brands work together. Treat this as a reference point, and collaborate with the create team to produce great marketing pieces. Along the way, we’ll learn, adapt and evolve. I'm excited to see what we create together! Send feedback on current design to

Please note: There are many marketing opportunities available through the Christie's program. When you have questions about them, please try the Christie's extranet first, and/or a BIC, not the create team. Questions regarding your login can be sent to Rhonda, or Support.