Create an Agent Template in Zipforms

Create an agent info template to auto populate your info on Purchase Contracts.

Log into Zipforms and do the following:


Repeat the above steps and choose vacant land instead of residential in step 3 and again to choose condo in step 3.  

Once you have done these templates, every time you create a new transaction using the Purchase Contract Guidelines templates, these templates will automatically put your info on the contract as well.

Christie's C-Suite Training Video

If you are a Christie's agent, or wondering about the marketing benefits available if you sign up to the program, we have a training video for you. 

The Christie's C-Suite is a portal that provides you with Christie's branded marketing tools you can easily send to your clients and prospects. These tools include templates for postcards, ecards, magazines and more, all with the Christie's logo and your information.

The video is 30 minutes long, and will cover the basic information on the available tools and how you can use them.

Hawaii Prince Hotels 2017 Kama‘aina Executive Program

Aloha agents,

Hawaii Life has signed an agreement with Hawaii Prince Hotels (Hawaii Prince Waikiki, Hapuna Beach Prince and Mauna Kea Beach) to offer discounted rates to Hawaii Life agents and staff.

At the Hawaii Prince Waikiki, they have completed the renovations in the guest rooms, with pool and meeting room renovations upcoming. Amenities include: complimentary high speed Internet access, 50% off overnight guest parking, complimentary weekday newspaper, bonus airline miles (for United, American and Hawaiian), plus no resort charge.

Following are the rates (please note valid dates and black-out dates):


We also have discounted rates at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the Big Island. See below for the agreement rate, and note the Valid Dates:


In order to receive the rate, call the property where you want to book, request the Kama'aina Executive rate, and tell them you work for Hawaii Life (our account number is 223).

Enjoy your stay! 

November Outbound Referral Contest Winner!

Our Outbound Referral Contest wrapped up on November 30, and Emily Garcia of Oahu was our monthly winner! She will receive two Hawaii Life towels, simply for reaching out to make an introduction to one of the agents in our Leading Real Estate network.

We appreciate all of your referrals, and encourage you to continue making them. Not only will you benefit by the referral fees, but your clients will also, as they are connected to a highly qualified agent.

Congratulations Emily, and all of the other contest winners!


Hawaii Life Relocation Services

World Class Service, World Class Introductions With a Local, Personal Touch

Did you know that Relocation Services can assist you almost anywhere in the world? As an affiliate of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, you have access to the highest caliber of real estate professionals in over 55 countries across six continents. When buying or selling property outside of your local market, our world class connections can help your clients with their real estate needs throughout our continent and across globe.

Let me introduce you to a carefully selected sales associate that will provide you with extraordinary service - anywhere your real estate needs take you. Our global and national network is comprised of the best real estate companies and the most talented professionals in the world. These associates ensure personal service with access to quality real estate connections. This level of service and quality is the reason why a meaningful introduction should be an integral part of your business plan. Furthermore, our personal introduction and agent reviews offer you an advocate that is personally looking out for you and your clients.

Contact me today for assistance in placing your valuable referrals!

See what your satisfied colleagues have had to say about their experiences with Outgoing Referral Program:

"It is very easy to send out referrals. I can choose a specific agent to refer to, if I prefer. If they're already in our network, it's simple. If they're not, we just fill out a referral form. If I want to talk to the agent to give them background or make a warm introduction, the Relo department just adds those notes to the request. Karin follows up both directions, so it makes everyone's life easier."
- Alison Wisnom, Realtor(A), Oahu

"There is nothing more intimidating than selling a property in one state while living an ocean away in another. Leading RE helped me find the perfect agent for selling my home in Arizona. I couldn't have asked for a more competent agent that made the entire process easy and enjoyable. Trust Leading RE to find the right agent for YOU!"
- Monica Schaefer, Realtor(A), Oahu

Hawaii Life Day, Dec. 8th, Oahu

Aloha everyone,

As we've done every year on the day prior to the Worthshop...

On the afternoon of Dec. 8th, in the main ballroom of the Four Seasons at Ko Olina, the entire company is invited to join in a discussion about critical updates impacting the direction of Hawaii Life, and a renewed focus on three things:

  1. Listings
  2. Publishing
  3. YOU

Starting at noon in the main ballroom, we'll provide lunch for everyone (from the Four Seasons, no less) and then we'll have presentations by key leaders in the company:

  • Mealoha Kraus on the Hawaii Life Charitable Fund.
  • Karin Warganich on Agent Services and how much ass they kick.
  • Brad Haeger, Director of Customer Experience on the world of lead generation and maintaining Hawaii Life's customer database.
  • Mike Pooley, Media Manager, on all things social, the impact of television.
  • Sara Niedwick, Controller, on why you never have to wait to get paid and how the company doesn't make any money on "fees".
  • Anthony Arnold, Creative Director and the Creative Team on what we've made, destroyed, and will make again.
  • Rhonda Hay, Director of Education, on the state of the market, inside and outside of Hawaii Life.
  • Katie Minkus, Director of Sales, on the Broker-In-Charge team, podcasts, and why we're struggling with less is more.
  • Winston Welborn and Matt Beall on critical updates on the direction of Hawaii Life.

Following the presentations we'll have a professionally facilitated Q&A with the entire team.

Then, we'll go down to the beach for "Castles in the Sand", Hawaii Life's annual sandcastle contest. The rules and prizes will be shared at the start of the contest.


After the Sandcastle contest, join us for a fun, educational game and pau hana on the lawn with Title Guaranty and Luxury Home Magazine.

Then, at 7pm, we've bought out the top floor of the Monkeypod (a Merriman restaurant) at Ko Olina for everyone to enjoy a meal together. 

And don't forget, you get 50% off the ticket price if you want to attend Worthshop!

Book Your WS6 Pass

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Outbound Referral Contest Monthly Winners!

There are two months left in the referral contest, so you have two more chances to win! You can join Monica Schaefer (June), Alison Wisnom (July and August) and David Richardson (September) as one of the random monthly winners, drawn from the pool of agents who submitted outbound referrals each month.

We appreciate your referrals, and as part of the contest you can win 2 Hawaii Life towels, in addition to the fee you earn when the referral closes! Send your client information to and we'll take care of the rest.

Keep up the great work Monica, Alison and David!


Customer Experience Has You Covered

Graphical flow of Hawaii Life's Customer Experience prospect process:

Once a prospect enters the system, it is maintained by a Customer Experience ISA and our defined incubation process. This is a series of automated and manual follow ups, sharing relevant content in the effort to schedule an appointment with an agent.

If you are initially unsuccessful with a referral prospect, we will direct them back to you when they circle back with new/additional inquiries.  

In the event that one of your "agent owned" client inquires (phone/text/livechat/web form), it is routed directly to you, bypassing the incubation steps above. Passed straight to you.

Customer Experience Activity Update

For your knowledge And data talking points with your seller prospects and clients.

Light Blue = Current 1 year of activity.     Dark Blue = Previous 1 year of activity.        Dated 10/1/16
Light Blue = Current 1 year of activity.     Dark Blue = Previous 1 year of activity.        Dated 10/1/16

This past year we switched much of our manual process to a more responsive and engaging channel, SMS text, as you can see in the Chat versus Text sessions activity.