Start Blogging in 3 Steps

Structure yourself and time block blogs in the beginning so that later on when you get "busy" - blogging continues.

Frequency: Three blogs a week is your goal.

At first, plan on two hours to write one blog. Over time, this will likely decrease to 1 hour per blog.

Step One: Brainstorm. One Hour.

Put yourself in the shoes of being a buyer. Think back to when you bought property yourself. What was your experience? How have times have changed since then? If you were that buyer now - what would you want to know, what would be your questions, what were you uncomfortable with, unsure about, didn’t know?

Spend 30 minutes writing down blog content ideas, titles only. Don't fill in any details, write down in list form as many things as you can.

  • How do I get a loan?
  • Why does escrow go so long (compared to CA or wherever)?
  • What do HOA fees cover?
  • How close is the nearest grocery store/beach/golf course/starbucks?
  • Can I still use my mainland bank?

Then, put yourself in the shoes of being a REALTOR®. Spend 30 minutes writing down blog content ideas, titles only. Don't fill in any details, write down in list form as many things as you can.

  • Where I live/neighborhood
  • Why I chose to be in Hawaii
  • What my perfect day looks like
  • What activities l do to blow off the stress of the business (lifestyle)
  • What architecture do I like
  • Rural versus town versus city living

Step Two. Schedule. One Hour. 

Look at all your blog topics in one long list, reorder them so you write the ones you are most excited about, first.

Take the top 5-10 and fill in some of the detailed information just to get the info out of your head and on "paper."

Then schedule/time block onto your calendar 2 hours per each blog. Put on your schedule the actual blog title. Then when you sit down to write, you'll know exactly what you should be writing about, and you’ll already have some content started.

Step Three. Write.

According to your calendar, write your blogs. If you have time to write two blogs in one sitting, even better. You can ask Moana to publish them on separate days.

General guidelines:

  • Shorter is better. No more than 4 paragraphs.
  • Include one property (even as a side note on a "lifestyle" blog).
  • Include complete property addresses. (Sellers search by full addresses when they want to know at what price their neighbor has just listed their house)
  • Only include ONE link to your personal agent website (anything more and you get "punished" by Google)
  • Don't lecture, or make a decision for the reader about how they “should feel" about something.
  • Write in your "voice" with your personality.
  • Be positive!
  • Give the most important info at the top of the blog (above the "fold"). No one likes to scroll - don't make the reader have to scroll to the bottom to get the point.
  • No call to action at the end of the blog (you'll be lucky if they read that far, and if they do your info is already right there. They'll call if they want to talk to you, telling them to contact you is potentially insulting.)
  • 9 out of ten blogs should be property related, one should be lifestyle.