For Sellers - a new and improved gets an upgrade! 

The new version of was fully launched mid-November and we've changed how we bring exposure to Hawaii Life listings.   Our sellers are getting more exposure, better qualified buyers looking at their listings -- and a whole lot more of them than cooperating brokers' listings.

Listing Exposure

Search results used to be sorted by most expensive property first, with two Hawaii Life listings pushed to the top of the list. This was a great strategy that resulted in HL listings being seen, on average, 210% more often than competing brokerage listings. The problem is that we could only show two Hawaii Life listings at a time, and these listings were placed randomly regardless of their relevance to the sort. This resulted in a lot of "fake" page views: listings receiving click throughs from buyers nowhere close to the listing's price range (looky-loos).

For this reason, we set out to build a new website that would deliver not only more, but better qualified exposure to HL listings.

We did this by creating a new algorithm that we now use to sort properties (visitors still have the option to sort by most expensive property). This new sort presents the buyer with the most relevant search results possible based on their chosen filters. Hawaii Life listings are then boosted in the algorithm. So, instead of being presented randomly, HL listings are now relevant to the buyer's search.

Aside from bringing better qualified buyers to your listings, this new strategy has resulted in HL listings now being seen 420% more often than non-HL listings. A 68% increase over the old site.

Other Improvements

The new site is faster, has an improved UX (user interface) and a better sort (to name a few). All of the improvements, have made the site wildly more popular. You can see this in the image below. (Google Analytics comparing traffic: Jan 1 - Feb 28 2014 vs Jan 1 - Feb 28 2013): is getting 68% more unique visitors, and people are viewing 21.11 pages per visit vs 8.9 pages previously.


The Really Great News?

In most cases, our sellers should be seeing more page views on their listing reports than ever before -- on average 281% (1,254 vs 329) more page views per month than on the old website.

We have some great seller tools to track listing stats, and of course there are some "secrets" we use to further promote Hawaii Life listings. You won't find that proprietary information here, but if you're a seller who wants more information or an agent who wants to dive deeper into the analytics, please don't hesitate to contact us.