Create an Agent Template in Zipforms

Create an agent info template to auto populate your info on Purchase Contracts.

Log into Zipforms and do the following:


Repeat the above steps and choose vacant land instead of residential in step 3 and again to choose condo in step 3.  

Once you have done these templates, every time you create a new transaction using the Purchase Contract Guidelines templates, these templates will automatically put your info on the contract as well.

Correct a PC Without Losing Tags and Addenda

Rhonda's Hot Topics: Corrections on a Purchase Contract

You can easily replace the document in your Docusign envelope and not lose the existing tagging and addenda, etc.

  1. Make corrections to PC in Zipforms
  2. Save the PC as a PDF to computer
  3. Log into Docusign
  4. Click on down arrow to the right of the envelope the PC is in and choose "correct"
  5. The envelope will now open.
  6. Click "edit Documents & Tags" at the bottom left of page.
  7. Click "Documents" on the right side of the page
  8. Click the down arrow to the right of the PC.
  9. Click "replace document" (the bottom option)
  10. Click browse from my computer
  11. Find the file where you saved it on the computer and click ok at the bottom
  12. Docusign will now take you back to your document envelope.
  13. Click "Correct" at the bottom left of screen.