Procast Episode 10: Marc Davison Riffing on Guitars, Worthshop and Real Estate

When it comes to Worthshop, Marc Davison from 1000watt is a lifer. He's been an attendee, a presenter and a contributor. Marc chats with Matt Beall about the current state of selling and marketing in the real estate world, what innovation looks like and what keeps him coming back to Worthshop year after year.

Procast Episode 5: Alison Wisnom From Military to Mortgages

Cutting her teeth on office furniture sales prepared Alison Wisnom for the challenges of the real estate world. No doubt her military discipline, strong will, and persistence, propelled her sales into the 10's of millions in just her first few years. Glean what you can from this successful agent who thrives on teamwork and putting in the time.