Customer Experience Has You Covered

Graphical flow of Hawaii Life's Customer Experience prospect process:

Once a prospect enters the system, it is maintained by a Customer Experience ISA and our defined incubation process. This is a series of automated and manual follow ups, sharing relevant content in the effort to schedule an appointment with an agent.

If you are initially unsuccessful with a referral prospect, we will direct them back to you when they circle back with new/additional inquiries.  

In the event that one of your "agent owned" client inquires (phone/text/livechat/web form), it is routed directly to you, bypassing the incubation steps above. Passed straight to you.

Customer Experience Activity Update

For your knowledge And data talking points with your seller prospects and clients.

Light Blue = Current 1 year of activity.     Dark Blue = Previous 1 year of activity.        Dated 10/1/16
Light Blue = Current 1 year of activity.     Dark Blue = Previous 1 year of activity.        Dated 10/1/16

This past year we switched much of our manual process to a more responsive and engaging channel, SMS text, as you can see in the Chat versus Text sessions activity.

Need new Blog Content? Write for the CE Team!

Looking for blog content? How about writing specifically for the Customer Experience team to use when they are answering inquires?

Below is a list of content topics that our CE team says are commonly asked questions, but don't have a written answer on our Hawaii Life Blog. By answering one or more of these questions and posting them to the blog, it's likely that the Inside Sales team will forward your blog to prospects, which means you get additional exposure to the public....

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Your Hawaii RELO Incoming Coordinator

Considering my close relationship with the top professionals in our statewide firm, along with my ability to align prospective clients with the right agent, I’ve been appointed the Incoming Coordinator for Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers.

Servicing all of the islands, specializing on Oahu. Improving all parties experience through our adoption of leading technology, empirical market knowledge and service with aloha.

Here to assist you and your client's Hawai‘i needs. I really look forward to working with you. Reach out anytime.