Blogging: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Congratulations to me! In the recent Blogging Contest, I won the category for most leads generated from blogs during the contest period!

But what I really "won" was the ongoing benefit I receive from what Iʻve found to be my highest ROI form of advertising/farming/marketing: solid customers who are ready to buy or list with me. During the contest period I also happened to close two $1+ transactions with buyers who found me from blog posts. Early this year I listed and sold a condo when the Seller called me off a blog post Iʻd just written about their community...

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Blog Contest Winners Announced

The Hawaii Life Spring Blog Contest ended this week.

And the winners are:

Category 1: # of Blog Leads

Beth Robinson received 5 leads during the contest, some from blogs that dated back to 2012!

Category #2: Neighborhood Expert

Carrie Nicholson won the Neighborhood Expert category with 8 blogs written about Hualalai Resort.

Category #3: Popularity Contest  

Liam Ball won the popularity contest that ran on Hawaii Life's main social media page with his blog about Shipping Containers.

Extra Credit:

Eleven agents wrote their first blogs, and Sara has sent them a prize from the merch closet.

Mahalo to everyone for participating and congratulations to the winners!