Sherry Chris is an Inspiration!

Recently I read Sheryl Sandberg's book LeanIn, and then caught her live talking with Mark Benioff on the stage at Dreamforce. Her dialogue is for everyone. Men should read it to understand how better to support women both in the workplace - and at home. Sheryl Sandberg is an inspiration. - I forgot how to inbed a video into wordpress, sorry!

Guess who else is an inspiration? Sherry Chris!! I mean, the woman is fabulous! She's CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. She travels all over the world spreading goodwill. And when you meet her in person, yes, she's sparkly and warm and genuine - and BUSY.

Sherry Chris is going to be moderating a panel at Worthshop3 about leadership. The panelists: Matt Beall, Bill Chee and Bob Cella. Do I have to say more? Lean In, Sherry. A lot of powerful women from all around Hawaii - and the nation - will be watching, and cheering you on!!