David Lundstrom Elevated to Broker-in-Charge at Hawai‘i Life’s Ewa Beach Office on O‘ahu

Hawai‘i Life is proud to announce the promotion of David Lundstrom to our statewide leadership team. “We are happy to elevate David Lundstrom to Broker-in-Charge at our Ewa Beach office on Oahu. He has been an integral member of that community and is well-suited to serve the many military families in the area, and lead the team of professionals at our West O}ahu location,” said Hawai‘i Life CEO Matt Beall. This strategic leadership choice will help Hawai‘Life to keep pace with our remarkable growth and our foothold in the Oahu market, following a record-breaking year during which we achieved $1.7 billion in sales statewide.

David Lundstrom with his wife and one of his two sons. They’ve been living in Ewa Beach since 2013.

David Lundstrom with his wife and one of his two sons. They’ve been living in Ewa Beach since 2013.

A Chicago native, Lundstrom has lived in the Ewa Beach area of O‘ahu with his wife and two sons since 2013. Lundstrom has been a successful real estate agent with Hawai‘i Life for five years, following a proven track record as a successful entrepreneur. Having owned and operated several profitable businesses, Lundstrom brings his business acumen to the real estate field, along with a comprehensive understanding of West O‘ahu’s real estate market. “My hope is to use my business background that has served me well in real estate to help broker my agents and team,” said Lundstrom, adding, “I am fiercely competitive, and my hope is to grow our Ewa Beach office so that O‘ahu and Hawai‘i Life’s West O‘ahu agents stand out in an already distinguished field within our company.”

Hawai‘i Life Military Specialized Team. From Left to Right: Joe Sillaman, Monica Schaefer, Kinga Mills, Cathy Possedi, David Lundstrom

Hawai‘i Life Military Specialized Team. From Left to Right: Joe Sillaman, Monica Schaefer, Kinga Mills, Cathy Possedi, David Lundstrom

Lundstrom has been a part of the Hawai‘i Life Ewa Beach office since its inception in 2016 and recently obtained his broker’s license. As a Military Relocation Professional (MRP), Lundstrom co-created Hawai‘i Life’s Military Specialized Team (MST), a dedicated group of professionals who assist veterans and active-duty service members with their real estate needs across O‘ahu. “I am extremely proud of taking the next step in furthering my career. Becoming a BIC for O‘ahu and Hawai‘i Life is humbling and also exhilarating. My goal is to encourage teamwork within our brokerage to help everyone grow and to serve our community and their real estate needs,” said Lundstrom.

David with his two sons in Colorado.

David with his two sons in Colorado.

Hawai’i Life Hires Robert Lightbourn as a Broker-in-Charge to Co-Lead Our Maui Team

After a few years of pursuing him, Hawai‘i Life is excited to welcome Bob Lightbourn as a Broker-in-Charge of our Maui team of agents. “We are thrilled to welcome Bob Lightbourn to our team. He’s humble, smart, and a great facilitator of teamwork and collaboration. He will be an enormous asset to our Maui operations,” said Hawai‘i Life CEO Matt Beall.

Originally from Phoenix Arizona, Bob has been a Maui resident for 40 years. He obtained his Hawai‘i realtor’s license in 1983 and his broker’s license in 1987. He’s been active with the Realtors Association of Maui throughout his 35-year real estate career, twice serving as the association’s President. With a strong commitment to the real estate industry, Bob has served on several committees over the years and has held most elected positions at one time or another within the association. He was voted Realtor of the Year by the Realtor’s Association of Maui in 2012.

“Mentorship and leading positive change within the industry are my favorite aspects of my real estate career. I look forward to joining the Hawai‘i Life team to continue on this path,” Bob said.

Bob holds the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) designation, in addition to the Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB), Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR) Certification, and the Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR) Certification. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in brokerage management, agent development and leadership to his role with Hawai‘i Life.


Leadership Matters: Weekend BICs

In the past 14 months, Hawaii Life has hired 6 amazing people into Leadership positions as Brokers-in-Charge. For a total of 11. Think about that for a minute. We doubled a Leadership Team that took 7 years to build, in 14 months.Why? Some of it is natural growth, change, and market conditions, of course. The rest of it? Talent and culture and good old-fashioned real estate chops.

These things are rare. The real estate industry suffers from a remarkable distrust of anyone who hasn't "been in the trenches." Every single one of our BICs has been deep in those trenches.

They have context. And they're smart enough not to dupe themselves into believing that they "know it all." Some of them are absolute customer service specialists who would excel in any industry. Some of them are great talent managers who understand how to handle the giant personalities in the real estate business. Most importantly, they all "get" Hawaii Life.

We have the right people in the right seats, and that's super important. It's more important than a BIC's credentials, their accomplishments or how long they've been with the company. Those things contribute, but without a Leadership Team that works together to support all 200+ agents statewide, we are simply another legacy brokerage with nothing special to offer agents on the ground. 

In an industry obsessed with "what the competition is doing" it actually amazes me that no other brokerage in the state has copied our practice of "Weekend BIC" shifts. We've had companies straight up copy our website, copy our advertising, copy our prospecting - some have even taken out pay-per-click ads on the words, "Hawaii Life." And yet - no one has copied our BIC rotating weekend schedule.

Over the years I've heard a smattering of complaints about the weekend BIC shifts, mostly having to do with an agent not wanting to explain their situation "all over again"  when they've already been in discussions with their regular BIC. While I can empathize with a process that seems inefficient, the truth is it's good for us to get second opinion from various BICs about our business, especially when dealing with a complicated situation. No one BIC knows everything, and hearing an alternative point of view more often than not means making an even better recommendation to our clients.

Hawaii Life BIC's are beyond busy. To date this year, we've opened over 1,000 transactions. That's a lot of contract review, a ton of time spent on the phone going over strategy, correcting mistakes and consulting with clients. It's an enormous body of work, and yet I've never once heard a complaint about how long it takes a Hawaii Life BIC to review a contract, or that they are unavailable when needed.

This is not industry normal. When talking with prospective agents, the thing I hear most often is how their BIC isn't available quickly enough, or sometimes at all for hours or days at a time. I've heard of agents whose BICs leave for vacation and don't tell anyone or assign a replacement. I even heard once that an entire office couldn't get their contracts signed on Fridays because the BIC golfed every Friday and couldn't be reached during his game.

Hawaii Life continues to implement a rotating BIC weekend schedule because it works. For everyone. Agents are able to get the assistance they need, even on a Sunday or national holiday, which means Hawaii Life clients are getting the best service possible, at all times. Brokers-in-Charge are able to take actual time off to rest, recharge, spend time with their families and live their Hawaii Life. And guess who wins? All of us. As more and more research shows, taking time off is critical to productivity.

Our BIC's are at Hawaii Life because they care. Their collective talent gives Hawaii Life a depth of Leadership I've seen nowhere else in this business.  They thirst to give, be of service, make a difference in the world, one agent (and one weekend in 8) at a time. This matters. We are making things better, and leading the industry. They deserve our gratitude, especially on the weekends.