Winston Welborn on "Design Thinking" at Inman Connect in NYC

Aloha everyone,

I really enjoyed watching Winston deliver his talk "Design Thinking" to ~2000 people at Inman in New York. It reminds me so much of how and why we started this company, and how much we've all benefited from Winston's talent over the years.

We set out in 2008 to provide a new level of marketing and design in real estate in Hawaii. We've produced some amazing results because of that mission. Of course, as always say, it's a voyage and not a harbor, but we have some pretty exciting things in store for 2018, and we're getting some pretty awesome results already this year.

It's awesome to have a national news outlet like Inman acknowledge Winston and his work.




(PS You have to be an Inman Select member to watch, so maybe hui up with a friend if you haven't subscribed.)