Hawaii Life Day, Dec. 8th, Oahu

Aloha everyone,

As we've done every year on the day prior to the Worthshop...

On the afternoon of Dec. 8th, in the main ballroom of the Four Seasons at Ko Olina, the entire company is invited to join in a discussion about critical updates impacting the direction of Hawaii Life, and a renewed focus on three things:

  1. Listings
  2. Publishing
  3. YOU

Starting at noon in the main ballroom, we'll provide lunch for everyone (from the Four Seasons, no less) and then we'll have presentations by key leaders in the company:

  • Mealoha Kraus on the Hawaii Life Charitable Fund.
  • Karin Warganich on Agent Services and how much ass they kick.
  • Brad Haeger, Director of Customer Experience on the world of lead generation and maintaining Hawaii Life's customer database.
  • Mike Pooley, Media Manager, on all things social, the impact of television.
  • Sara Niedwick, Controller, on why you never have to wait to get paid and how the company doesn't make any money on "fees".
  • Anthony Arnold, Creative Director and the Creative Team on what we've made, destroyed, and will make again.
  • Rhonda Hay, Director of Education, on the state of the market, inside and outside of Hawaii Life.
  • Katie Minkus, Director of Sales, on the Broker-In-Charge team, podcasts, and why we're struggling with less is more.
  • Winston Welborn and Matt Beall on critical updates on the direction of Hawaii Life.

Following the presentations we'll have a professionally facilitated Q&A with the entire team.

Then, we'll go down to the beach for "Castles in the Sand", Hawaii Life's annual sandcastle contest. The rules and prizes will be shared at the start of the contest.


After the Sandcastle contest, join us for a fun, educational game and pau hana on the lawn with Title Guaranty and Luxury Home Magazine.

Then, at 7pm, we've bought out the top floor of the Monkeypod (a Merriman restaurant) at Ko Olina for everyone to enjoy a meal together. 

And don't forget, you get 50% off the ticket price if you want to attend Worthshop!

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