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Below is a list of content topics that our CE team says are commonly asked questions, but don't have a written answer on our Hawaii Life Blog. By answering one or more of these questions and posting them to the blog, it's likely that the Inside Sales team will forward your blog to prospects, which means you get additional exposure to the public

And who doesn't want that? Pick something below and #gowrite!


Which Island is the best for me?

How much is the cost of living on each island?

Why isn’t there AC in a lot of properties?

How is the temperature in certain parts of each island versus others?

Would it be a good idea to purchase a property as an investment?

What type of restrictions are there if I purchase a property for income rental?

What type of taxes are involved?

How much are HI taxes?

What is the average price to purchase a home on each island?

Is leasehold a good purchase?

What is the lending process?

What are the different types of loans available?

What kind of jobs are available?

What is the process of purchasing a foreclosed, short sale, auction home?

Are there a lot of rent to own or seller financing options for buyers?

How hard is it to build a home?

Why are homes on the market for so long?

Is it better to work with a local lender?

Can I purchase a tiny home?

Is it better to purchase a fixer or build your own home?

What are some local tips to offset the cost of living?

What is a catchment system?

What are the risks in purchasing a home in lava zone A-1?

Why aren’t all single family homes vacation rentable?

What does it mean when the seller says sold “As Is”?

What does it mean when a structure is “unpermitted”?

Why should I use a REALTOR?

What are the pros/cons of living off-grid? There is an active volcano on the Big Island. Is it safe?