Why Should You Care About Outbound Referrals?

Why should you care about Outbound Referrals other than the great prizes offered in the Outbound Referral Contest running through November 30th?

  • In the past 12 months, almost $2.5 million in outbound referrals has been generated by Hawaii Life agents.
  • The Leading RE companies sent each other $351 billion in referrals in 2015.
  • Your personal ROI on the time you invest in asking for and facilitating a referral to earn that fee is likely about the best commission return you could get on a few minutes of your time.

The two biggest reasons agents give for not generating outbound referral income are:

  • I donʻt even think about asking
  • I choke and donʻt know how to ask.

Thatʻs why having scripts and practicing them matters. Here is a sample script that you can edit to have an ask that just rolls off your tongue:

Youʻre planning to sell your (home/investment property)? Do you already have a listing agent? I ask because Hawaii Life is part of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, and I have access to over 500 highly selective real estate firms. I can introduce you to a top Realtor practicing in your neighborhood, and even interview them first to make sure they are a good fit for you. Iʻd love to make that call for you, even if itʻs just so you have a second opinion.

Of course it works just as well with buyers. Ever been on the phone with a prospect, or old friend or family member on the Mainland and they tell you they are relocating, thinking about buying a condo for their kid in college, or have decided to buy that second home someplace other than Hawaii? The same script works, with just a change of the first two lines!

Are you already working with a buyerʻs agent there? (If yes, add: Are you happy with them?)....I ask because Hawaii Life...

Of course if someone has already signed a listing agreement or exclusive buyers representation agreement, we canʻt interfere. But we can still plant the seed with them for next time:

Great! Glad to hear you found someone to help you. If for some reason it doesnʻt work out, or when you are planning to buy/sell real estate anywhere in the world in the future, donʻt forget that because Hawaii Life....

Weʻd love to hear success stories, and what works best for you!