Corporate Services - Relationships

Corporate Services business, like all businesses in Hawaii, is driven by relationships. 

Who you know, and/or are related to, is where the business relationship begins. Cultural values and connections bind people together in an atmosphere of understanding and trust.

Embarking on the development of the Corporate Services Program for Hawaii Life 18 months ago, I have learned much—-mostly that my hunch was right about this filling an important niche in the Hawaii business community with the best residential real estate company in the islands.

Being born here definitely gives me a leg up, however it is the depth and breadth of the Hawaii Life organization that makes my program easy to sell. The exceptional branding, innovative marketing, clear business focus on solid customer representation, and absolute authenticity in business dealings sets us above all of the competition.

Corporations of all types and sizes continually look for key employees to move to Hawaii and help grow their businesses. This is a very different relocation process than typically occurs on the mainland—mainly due to our isolated location, cost of living, and unique cultural mix. From household goods, auto, and pet transportation, to where to live, types of housing, schools, commuting times, loan processes, escrow and closing practices, activities, and governmental practices there is much to co-ordinate.

The Hawaii Life Brokers and Agents I have had the pleasure to work with thus far have not only met, but exceeded my expectations. It is easy to sell a program, but harder to deliver the expected results of the corporation—particularly being the “new kids on the block” on Oahu. Hawaii Life associates are genuine in their desire to help clients make those important life connections in a move to Hawaii, seamlessly. And it shows, as we continue to get referrals and repeat business from many of the companies I have made contact with in my corporate calling. As one corporate executive stated to a colleague—“working with Sarah and her team is like pushing the easy button”. Love that!

More to come… stay tuned!

Sarah Bakewell, Director of Corporate Services
Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers