All About Referrals: Cathy Possedi

Several of our agents are experts at making outbound referrals. We asked them why and how they make those referrals, and are sharing those answers with you. Cathy Possedi was born and raised on Oahu, and is now an agent on the windward side of the island. She has a deep history and connection here, and uses her contacts and knowledge to find the best homes for her clients.

1. Why do you send outbound referrals?

Because I want to be the most full service agent I can be to my clients.  If they don't know of an agent in the other location they want to buy or sell in, then I can be of tremendous assistance to them, which strengthens my bond with them.

2. How do you ask for them?

I will ask if they are planning to sell before they buy, or buy after they relocate.  If they say yes, then I share with them that our company belongs to an International network of real estate professionals who have been vetted out so they are the best of the best.  I simply ask if they would like my help to find a great agent.

3. Have you found the Hawaii Life Relocation department easy to work with?

Yes, very helpful, but at times too busy to assist in a timely manner.  It's getting better tho :)

4. Are the agents you are referring to closing the business?

Some of them, but not all.  I have had to seek out new agents in some locations.

5. What's your one best tip for sending outbound referrals?

Stay on top of it to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.  Ask the client if they are satisfied, and if not, then seek to make their experience better.