Blogging: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Congratulations to me! In the recent Blogging Contest, I won the category for most leads generated from blogs during the contest period!

But what I really "won" was the ongoing benefit I receive from what Iʻve found to be my highest ROI form of advertising/farming/marketing: solid customers who are ready to buy or list with me. During the contest period I also happened to close two $1+ transactions with buyers who found me from blog posts. Early this year I listed and sold a condo when the Seller called me off a blog post Iʻd just written about their community.

Why do I call it a "gift?" Because Hawaii Life doesnʻt charge me for hosting the blog, editing my posts, and giving me unmatched SEO. Unlike a postcard, or letter, or email newsletter delivered via Makesbridge to my database, the only cost to me is an investment of my time.

In order to be effective, snail mail or email marketing needs to be a consistent campaign. Each item has a life span in the recipientsʻ attention spans of about a nanosecond before it hits the actual or virtual trash. A magazine ad lasts as long as that magazine is on the stands. But my blog posts just sit there waiting for someone who is far enough along in their thought process to type in a detailed search term and discover Me. The Expert. The Answer to their Questions.

Iʻm not really blogging that frequently now that my "spare" time is devoted to being a BIC. Of the five new contacts I submitted to win in the category, two individuals read multiple posts before deciding to contact me. The other three responded to specific posts, two of which were written in 2012 and one in 2011! Any of you getting calls from postcards you sent or magazine ads you ran in 2011?

My advice if you are just starting out blogging:

  • Set a reasonable goal. Can you write one a month?
  • Focus. There was a point to Category #2 in the contest. Writing about one or two communities where you really are an expert gives you more return than jumping all over the place.
  • Have fun. I have found a good rule is at least one lifestyle post for every 3 or 4 posts about a listing or market or real estate topic.
  • Be authentic. Donʻt worry about being a "good" writer. The point of blogging is to sound like yourself.
  • You can hire a writer! This may sound like a contradiction to "be authentic" but thatʻs what ghost writers do...they sound like you only better.

I look forward to reading your posts!