Use Your Phone For Work

Who needs to hear from you and when? The underlying principle for using Salesforce is to know who to communicate with and when.

Deliver targeted content. Respond to inquiries. Follow up with your prospects. ALL while referencing all the information you have or need about your clients or prospects.

Salesforce alleviates the need for you to remember what to do and when to do it. Once you set it up, Salesforce will perform these functions for you or remind you to do it systematically and automatically.

Get it set up and adopt a routine. Once you do, it will become second nature. You'll have more mental space! 

The first step is gathering your contacts to be entered into the system for use.

Salesforce allows a user to directly import a record(s) directly from their mobile device (phone or tablet) while logged into the SF1 mobile app.

brief visual instructions

Step 1) Add New Contact


Step 2) Import from Device


For mass (bulk) extraction of contacts from your iOS device, you can use the simple SA Contacts Export app with the click of a couple buttons.

Once you have exported your contacts CSV file, email it to for administration to import into your account.

brief visual instructions

Step 1) Export Contacts


Step 2) Access Export File


Step 3) Email Exported Contacts


A CSV (Comma Separated Value) file is the standard format for exporting and importing data between systems.