Are you a REALTOR or just a licensee?

With the new advertising rules that were proposed, agents started using their license number on all their advertising and in some instances, stopped using the REALTOR (S) or REALTOR (B) behind their name. The thought being that the license number meant the same thing. The RS in a license number means Real Estate Salesperson, it does not tell the public that you are a REALTOR which means that you are a member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and you adhere to a strict code of ethics. Being a member of NAR tells the public that you hold yourself to a higher standard than just the minimum required by law. 

There are rules on where and the proper use of the term REALTOR. You cannot use this word with descriptive words (i.e.  your neighborhood REALTOR, etc). One way to test if your usage of the word is correct is to replace the word REALTOR with the word member.  If the sentence still makes sense then it's generally a correct usage.  

You can watch this short video to better understand the use of the REALTOR mark.

The Hawaii Life Standards for Designations are:

  • REALTOR Spelled out with (B) or (S) designation
  • REALTOR Spelled out with (A) - Oahu only*
  • When possible spell out Broker, Salesperson or Associate (Oahu only)*
  • Place designations visible underneath or next to the agent’s name


REALTOR(B), RB-12345  or  REALTOR-BROKER, RB-12345


REALTOR(A), RS-12345  or  REALTOR-ASSOCIATE, RS-12345 (Oahu Only)*

*RA is only used on Oahu and stands for REALTOR Associate (which is a REALTOR that is not a broker)