FAQ about HLCF


Hawai‘i Life has always embraced community involvement and charitable giving, intent on keeping money earned in Hawai‘i at home. For years the Real Good program offered a way for clients to designate a charity to receive a portion of our business proceeds. As our company has grown, however, the variety of activities and organizations we would be honored to support has also grown. We also see the need to increase the opportunities for our brokers, agents, clients, and customers to contribute conveniently.

To answer this need for flexibility, responsiveness, and innovative giving, the Hawaii Life Charitable Fund (HLCF) was created. 

Agents, clients, and the general public can give to the fund simply by donating at Give.HawaiiLife.com. Agents and clients can also direct money into the fund at the close of escrow. Our goal for 2016 is to have every agent with a closed transaction direct a donation to the fund, and to offer the opportunity to our clients as well.

What to Know

  • If you want to conveniently donate from your commissions we’ll process the donation on your behalf. The donation comes off the top of the commission, which means Hawai‘i Life is donating a portion of the commission split as well. 
  • If you’re co-representing a client with another agent, and you want the donation to come out of your commissions, you both have to agree on the a in writing (since the donation is off the top).
  • We set a $100 donation minimum where we’ll handle the paperwork at the close of escrow, but you (or anyone) can always donate any amount by going to Give.HawaiiLife.com.
  • Accounting will cut (all of) the checks to the Charitable Fund at the end of each month. You’ll receive a note with your receipt the first week of the following month after your donations(s).
  • The entire donation amount is tax deductible.
  • Anyone who would prefer to mail in a check can do so by simply mailing a check payable to: Hawai‘i Community Foundation; 827 Fort Street Mall; Honolulu, HI 96813 (and write Hawaii Life Charitable Fund in the memo line).

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Recently, the HLCF donated $1,000 to each of the following organizations:

Family Promise of Hawai‘i

The Maui Humane Society

The Kahilu Theater

The Hawaiian Surfing Federation