Update on Flood Zones - Statewide


While agents and clients are encouraged to look up flood zones for specific TMKs using the Hawaii Flood Hazard Assessment Tool (FHAT) at: http://gis.hawaiinfip.org/fhat, it has come to our attention that recent zoning changes might not be accurately reflected on the website.

Here is more specific information per island:

Maui: Zoning and flood confirmation form can be accessed through the County website: http://www.co.maui.hi.us/DocumentView.asp?DID=1704

Kauai: To confirm flood zone, call (808) 241-4896 or email siwamoto@kauai.gov for info on any Kauai property.

Oahu: Check the MLS

Big Island: There is a New Flood Zone Determination Zone form. It's a writeable form and you find it on the wiki: http://info.hawaiilife.com/mediawiki/images/0/0a/Flood_Zone_Determination_Form_.pdf

For questions and additional information, please contact your BIC.