Big Island Implements Monthly Office Meetings

Hooray! We now have regular scheduled monthly office meetings on the Big Island, one at each of our three offices. As you know, these meetings are not mandatory, but if you can fit one of the three into your monthly schedule, you will not be disappointed.

If you have attended an office meeting recently, you know that Beth follows a schedule and always provides valuable information. We understand how precious your time is, and would not hold the space for monthly meetings if we did not believe that information shared at these gatherings add value to your business, or even to you, personally.

Each meeting generally follows the same outline, one that is customized for each office. We check in, we share, we collaborate, and we learn something new. My favorite part of the meetings is the initial check in session(see below). I love hearing about what my Hawaii Life colleagues are working on, learning, experimenting with, or even what their recent success stories are. There is no pressure, it’s casual and fun, and always makes me feel supported by my colleagues.

Here is an outlined example of the general meeting:

  • Check-In: Go around the room and each person takes a minute or less to share anything new related to their business or even personally. Anything goes!
  • Office Business/Updates: Broker in Charge shares any office or company updates with the crew. Agents are encouraged to add their input, thoughts and ideas.
  • Upcoming Events: Any Hawaii Life community action group events/sign ups, or other community events you/we are involved in. Announcements for open houses, broker's open, etc.
  • Something New or Review: Broker in Charge may have updates/educational information to share regarding the industry, and we often have Rhonda, our statewide director of training, either join us in person, or virtually. She reviews anything you would like to go over regarding our Hawaii Life systems, and if there is something new to learn regarding our Hawaii Life guidelines/systems, she offers training for us.

Please note these days below in your calendar and feel free to attend any meeting if you have a conflict with the date/time for your office. It’s a great way to stay connected, keep informed and leverage the Hawaii Life business model.

Monthly Schedule Kona Office - 3rd Wednesday from 10am - 12noon Kohala Office - 3rd Wednesday from 2pm - 4pm Hilo Office - 3rd Thursday from 10am - 12noon