Did You Know About The 1031 Exchange Option?

Aloha Hawaii Life Agents-

I have recently learned of a 11-year old IRS code that is gaining in popularity that provides real estate investors the tax deferral benefits of §1031 exchanges coupled with the advantages of fractional ownership providing the ability to secure financing more easily and facilitate investors with lower minimum investment threshold amounts.

Do you have investor clients that want the tax-deferred benefits of a 1031 exchange but no longer want the hassle of property management?

Do you have investor clients that have excess boot from a 1031 exchange and do not have anywhere to put the funds while keeping them tax deferred?

Do you have investor clients that while estate planning are looking for a simplified distribution to beneficiaries solution?

If you or your clients are interested in finding out more information about this 1031 Exchange Option, then click on the Google Shared Drive Folder below, which includes several brochures and the contact information of several service providers that specialize in this field of service.

  Mahalo, Jon Mann, Oahu BIC   1031 Exchanges - DST's