Hawaii Life Community Action Event - Reforestation Project

Aloha Big Island, let's hui up and give some love, life and sweat back to the land that supports us!

Here is a fantastic opportunity to give aloha and live your Hawaii life by participating in the re-growth project of the sandalwood tree forests on the slopes of Mauna Kea. In Hawaiian, the sandalwood tree is known as, I’liahi, "the tree of life." Here is a sweet (and very short) story about this tree of life.


Our Hawaii Life's, Kalani Silva, is a board member and officer of the non-profit organization, Advanced Aloha, and they have partnered with the Hawaiian Reforestation Program to further help with the cause and the awareness. Part of Kalani's involvement is to organize volunteer groups to plant sandalwood trees on Mauna Kea, and when he brought this to my attention, I got really excited. This is what it's all about! Groups of volunteers travel to the mountain on a regular basis for this ongoing project and we at Hawaii Life have been invited to participate. To me, it is an honor, and I said yes! I would love to see this as a recurring group event for Hawaii Life participants on a monthly, quarterly or even bi-annual basis.

Kalani has secured our first opportunity to participate in this project, Friday, September 4th. We meet at the Mauna Kea Recreation Area (where the cabins are) at 8:30am. We need as many 4 wheel drive vehicles as possible, so if get, bring 'em! Everyone car pools in the 4 wheel drive vehicles to the mountain cabin where we plant. If you don't have 4 wheel drive, your vehicle will stay at the park. We will plant for approx. 4 hours then head back! Who's in?? I am! Please let me know if you will be participating, and if so, please tell me your t-shirt size.

Finally, I would like to announce that Kalani Silva and Bruce Kekuewa have volunteered to head a Hawaii Life Community Action Group for the Big Island! A BIG MAHALO to both of them! This community action group will be one that volunteers at all kinds of events throughout the year and across the island reforestation projects, beach clean ups, food drives, fundraisers, etc. We even have some really cool "Hawaii Life Community Action Group" t-shirts being made, designed by our brilliant HL create department!

Please send your ideas, thoughts, and any questions to me.  Mahalo plenty!