What are Corporate Services and why are they important?

If you have ever relocated to a new city you know it can be challenging! Being up-rooted from your home, place of employment, group of friends, favorite activities, and all things familiar is dis-orienting and uncomfortable. You have either had a great experience with the process, or it has been a disaster. In either case, your Realtor is at the heart of it.

Our goal with the Corporate Services Program at Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers is to make the relocation process as smooth as possible for all involved—the relocating employee, H.R. Director at the company, and the agent.

This is done by meeting all anticipated needs upfront and addressing those needs flawlessly throughout the relocation process. To do this, we have established a full range of “Destination Services” (managing the whole process of relocation), which include area tours, market statistics, school information, spousal employment counseling service, family services, short term and long term rentals, house finding and house selling services, lenders, escrow settlement services, settling in services, and moving tips.

We have also developed a list of “Concierge Services” to assist the relocating employee, and family, when they first arrive. Oftentimes they are in temporary housing until finding a more permanent rental or home and need services to get through “unknown territory”. These include discounted rates for rental cars, hotels, and activities/tours, grocery shopping service, babysitters, list of doctors/hospitals, neighborhood maps, and anything else that might help. Some of these services are provided in-house and others are out-sourced to vetted professional vendors.

For the company relocating the employee these services are a godsend to them. They typically are not set up to provide these services in-house, and the H. R. director does not have all the tools available to them to make these services available. This is where we can step in and help. As the H.R. Director’s (or CEO’s) liaison, I can be the point person to contact and get the ball rolling quickly to accommodate their needs. I then contact a rental agent, or sales agent, to get involved in the process early on. Area knowledge, based upon the clients’ needs and wants, and immediate availability are two key factors in making the agent selection. You may spend two solid weekends with the clients, but if at the end of the day you have found them what they want, they are ready to commit. No “lookey–loos” in the relocation world, as the expense to bring in a potential employee is high, and companies do their own vetting process before ever offering them the job.

The fact that these services are FREE to the company makes this an easy offer. And, if we do a good job, they will continue to use our services and recommend us to others.

So, the adage that “a happy employee makes a happy company” could not be more true in the Corporate Services Program at Hawaii Life. My hope is to have a lot of “happy agents”, too, as the business opportunities with corporate relocation business is very lucrative!