Showing. Done. Right.

There are as many different approaches to showing property as there are real estate agents. Some take the "this house speaks for itself" approach, others hover over the prospective buyer like an anxious parent, and there's everything in between.This past Thursday I had the great pleasure of taking a Honolulu penthouse tour with Jack and May Lew Tyrrell. We attended a business luncheon about the future of Kaka‘ako earlier in the day, and when Jack discovered that my afternoon was free he invited me to see a few listings.

I'm still basking in the wake of their professionalism. I don't say that lightly, and I'm not spewing compliments to "recruit" Jack and May. I'm sharing it to highlight the subtleness, nuance, and timing that's required to really perform a professional real estate tour. 

Jack and May are among the most successful real estate salespeople in Hawaii. In 2014 alone they were responsible for over $150 million in sales (more than all but a few companies in Hawaii). Yet, on a moment's notice, they arrange a tour of four luxury condominiums in two different buildings (two of which were penthouses) along with a complete tour of each project's amenities.

Along the way, I'm treated with absolute care and respect. May drives (a perfectly comfortable Mercedes AMG). When we arrive at a destination, Jack opens the car door for me. Not in some sort of awkward obligatory way, but because he's hosting. It's his element. I get the impression that there's literally nothing he'd rather be doing.

The first building we visited is the newly completed Waihonua project. They have several units listed for sale at Waihonua, but here are the two we viewed:

Penthouse #4201 and Penthouse #4202

When we go into a unit Jack immediately takes a cold bottle of water out of the refrigerator and offers it to me. May is opening up the blinds, turning on the lights. They're not hovering over me, or rattling off some sales pitch. They're not answering unasked questions. They're available to see how I respond, what interests me, and what I need.

And whenever I ask anything, I get a breadth of information and detail that somehow answers the real question I'm asking. Details about the building, the developers, the design... are all readily available. And not just about the building we're in... but all of the buildings around us. I get the sense of complete care and safety. No detail has been overlooked about the development, and Jack applies his experience from 30+ years of living in and selling Honolulu condominiums to each listing. Details that you'd never think to consider are revealed and explained.

They are authentically excited about their listings.

After seeing the units, exploring the advantages of their locations, and discussing the neighborhood, Jack and May take me downstairs to see the amenities.

Now, anyone can open doors and walk around to show a building's fitness center and lounge rooms, but in this case, it's the context that's provided that's so impressive. Jack shares information about how the amenities compare to other projects nearby, both those that have been built and those under construction. His delivery is conversational and seamless. He's not "selling".

It's as if they were the docents for a curated collection of art. It was such a pleasure to witness, and to be included.

I challenge you to apply that level of care and detail to your practice.