5 Reasons to Attend the LeadingRE Summit in Vegas, baby.


Next February in Las Vegas, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World is having their annual conference.

Yes, it's cold there. Who cares? It's Vegas, you're never outside!! Grab your jacket and hop on a plane to the 9th island!! 

1. The speakers are great, and the content is relevant to your business.

The Keynote Speaker this year is Rudy Guiliani. Agree with his politics or not - I believe his presentation on "Principled Leadership: In the Face of Change and Crisis" will be interesting, thought-provoking and likely entertaining. Click here to see the rest of the speakers.

2. It's a chance to dress up and wear winter clothes

Seriously, don't you get tired of wearing casual summer clothes all year long? Nope, me either. But every now and then it's fun to "dress up." Putting on sparkly clothes, warm snuggly sweaters, boots and scarves is nice - especially when you know it's temporary! Want to wear that suit you love but never sees the light of day in Hawaii? You can in Vegas, baby. Time to dig into "winter storage."

3. You get to hang with ME - in Vegas, baby!

Our time together is typically limited to an hour, afternoon, or maybe an evening. This is a week. With me. I'm pretty fun, especially on the road - ask around!! Oh, you mean you'd like to connect with me in person and pick my brain about something business related? We can do that too. You play Blackjack, right?

4. Attendees at the *Luxury Portfolio Summit are some of the highest producing Luxury agents throughout the world.

The networking is off the hook. Those agents are psyched to be in Vegas and when it's cold everywhere else and they have to be inside anyway. And it's pretty sweet being from Hawaii - it's almost as if they all get a little warmer just by being near us! Their clients could be your referrals. Think about it.

5. Did I mention it's Vegas, baby?

The conference takes full advantage of it's location. Need I say more? The networking event at Tao is fabulous.  The Wynn hotel is gorgeous with great rates and beautiful rooms. Right next door is the Palazzo and Venetian Hotels and across the street is the Fashion Show Mall - all of which contain some of the best name brand shopping in Vegas. You can figure out the rest. 

There's really only one reason to attend. The networking. There's nothing like meeting people face to face and making a personal connection when the rest of the year you live 3000+ miles and an airplane ride away. The agents who attend this conference are some of the best of the best. You want to meet them.


*Only Luxury Portfolio agents can attend the Luxury Portfolio Summit. Contact me for additional information.