5 new Apps to download now!

Last week I attended the Hawaii Association of REALTORs™ Conference at the Ko'olina resort on Oahu. The kick-off event was "Appy Hour" sponsored by YPN (the Young Professionals' Network). One of the icebreakers was to get four other people to write down their favorite apps. I was stuck - I've been in Broker-in-Charge mode for so many years now, the only app I could think of at the time was Docusign. Not very original, but certainly, an app I've used daily in my business.

This is the view from the Hawaii Life Suite at the HAR Convention in Ko'olina... (not too shabby!)

Which got me to thinking - we all know the apps that have been popular and "must have's" for all REALTORs™ for a few years now: Dropbox, Evernote, LinkedIn, Slydial and of course Docusign. For Hawaii Life agents, this list also includes apps from title companies like OR Touch, Sentrilock, Salesforce1 and IM+/Vtok. But this is old news. We are an innovative company... what about the newest, the latest and greatest apps that all Hawaii Life agents should have on their phones?

1. Swipe. From Doorsteps.com. Hands down one of the simplest ways to search for and save property all over the country. Use your finger to draw area boundaries and one swipe to save or "pass" on properties of interest. This is not a tool that you "need" to use for your business productivity, but you need to know about it - because all your clients will be using it soon, if they don't already.

2. Translate. From Google. In Hawaii we have clients and customers from all over the world - which has meant language challenges until now. Incredibly easy to use, this app lets you speak or type into a box, pick a language, and the app will speak or type the translation back to you. Voila! Now it's easy to converse with people who speak another language!

3. Voxer. This is a walkie-talkie app that in a few simple steps, allows you to record a message and text it to another Voxer user. You can record short or long messages. No more autocorrect issues, simply talk into your phone and send. Super fun, super easy, and your clients will love it!

4. Refresh. This app synchs with your calendar, contacts and your social accounts and provides you a dossier of the people you're going to meet with prior to your meeting time. You can also click through on your contact's info page to see the last time you met them, their social accounts, bio, etc. Great for keeping track of clients who only visit the islands a few times per year!

5. MagicPlan. Okay, this one is not "new" - it's an oldie, but a goodie. This app will calibrate your phone so that you can take accurate room measurements on the spot. If you're at a showing and your client is wondering exactly how big a room is, whip out this app and measure it!! Nothing like having accurate data at your fingertips.

One last word about apps on your phone. If you haven't used on in months, or it's too difficult to figure out - delete it. Don't be an "app hoarder!" When your phone screen is simple, and only shows you apps that you actually use, your brain will be clearer, and your production will be more efficient.