Two (Low) Tech Tips For Realtors

Here are two simple "tech tips" that nearly every Realtor can use right now, at this very moment:

1. Take out your smartphone. Take a look at your apps. Pick one and delete it. Then pick another one and delete it, too. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Seriously. We all carry around crap that we don't use. Let some of it go. Create some space for what you do use.

2. Do you really need notifications? Maybe you should turn some of them off. Every one of them represents an interruption in some form(s).

Besides, if your phone looks anything like this, they're not working.

My phone never rings. The ringer is in permanent off-mode. It's not that I don't answer my phone, or return calls. I just don't let it interrupt me. I try not to constantly react to it. I schedule calls.

Some people batch their e-mails. They only use e-mail at specific times of the day. They set time aside for other things. For others, e-mail is an all-day affair.

Direct your attention. Control what commands it.

You don't need 100 iphone apps.

You don't need to get a text message every time your friend from high school posts a picture of what they're having for dinner.

Save some mental space for yourself.