Why Labs Is Available To Everyone

"You're just training your future competition"

That was the response I got from a broker-owner who asked me about Hawaii Life's policy of paying for Broker's licenses and designations. That's the mentality: Keep the salespeople stupid, so they don't compete with you.

Conventional wisdom (or that same broker mentality) would have us believe that we should hoard anything that could remotely be utilized by the competition. The truth is that we're in the real estate industry. Whatever betters the real estate industry, betters us. So, the posts and pages on Simply Put are going to be open to anyone to view. Open Kimono.

We expect that innumerable brokers and agents from other firms will browse Simply Put and get something out of it. If we can contribute to elevating the real estate industry even a little, we're all in. I expect these pages to fill up with powerful content and healthy debates. Sure, Hawaii Life's competition might pour over every page looking for some competitive advantage. And that's just fine. We'd be honored to train our future competition.