Product Review of Nudge: Fight The Crap

(I'm borrowing a bit of industry-speak from Seth Godin here... when I say "ship", I'm talking about distributing marketing of almost any kind, but especially newsletters, mailers, social media campaigns, etc....)

I finally got around to tinkering with Nudge, the new app from the crew at 1000 Watt Consulting. It's a very clever solution to a problem that's plagued the real estate industry forever: agents ship crap.

We deal with it at Hawaii Life all the time. And make no mistake, we don't interrupt all the crap before it gets shipped, but what we do catch scares the hell out of us. Most of it is just plain bad writing. Real estate agents love to tell you about how great they are and that you should contact them, but they often have a hard time conveying why.

We also struggle with relevant messages. It runs the gamut from statements like, "this is a good deal" (again, without saying why) to insider-speak jargon with charts and graphs that make most people's eyes cross; or a ton of really redundant language like "I'm writing this blog post to keep all of my clients informed about the real estate market statistics that I post here in my blog every month for your benefit... blah, blah, blah..."

Nudge solves the relevance problem by using simple but meaningful indicators (aka Nudges) that are specific enough to convey a clear, concise message.

The other problem with agents shipping crap is that there seems to be an inversely proportionate relationship between the ease of use of a medium and quality of the message. Once a real estate agent finds a relatively easy way to ship, then the concern for what they're actually shipping drops, and the crap just starts flying out the door. The age-old "logic" is that touching your customer with something is better than not touching them at all.

The truth is that if your message isn't relevant, meaningful and concise, then you're alienating your prospects. Yes, you have to ship (so shipping has to be relatively easy). And, you have to ship quality.

Nudge hits easy shipping out of the park. Once your nudge is created, you can circulate it via social media, e-mail campaigns, a simple link, etc. Some of the nudges are a little campy, and maybe the design is a little too 'fun' for some people's tastes... but compared to the volume of crap real estate marketing out there, Nudge is a very cool option to easily ship meaningful market information with a clear call to action.

At the very least, even if you don't subscribe, you should learn from it. The messages are simple, clear, and concise. There's a big call to action. It's not a novel, it's a marketing piece.

Check it out at