• Compelling cover photos

  • Clear and bright  

  • Show property views

  • Show unique design features

  • Showcases property finishes

  • Show surrounding neighborhood/community lifestyle

  • Aerial photos


  • Professional quality property video tour  

  • Under two minutes in length

  • Appropriate and intuitive pacing

  • Mixture of photos and video

  • Call-to-action to listing page

  • Aerial shots that show property’s location in relation to the surrounding area

  • Relevant music that fits the property

  • Footage caught throughout the day (early morning, golden hour and twilight)

  • Limited and consistent titles


  • Different verbiage and photos on the listing page than on the MLS listing description

  • Descriptive verbiage “buzzwords” relevant to Buyers’ search (ie. beach cottage, ocean views, handcrafted, single-story, estate)

Listing Description

  • Short, concise description

  • Describes property's unique features

  • Describes the lifestyle of living on the property

  • Describes the property’s connection to the local community

  • Creative and impactful wording

  • Attention grabbing headline

One or More Blog Posts

  • Informative and educational blogs about the property and surrounding area

  • Unique content from MLS description and Hawaii Life listing description

Social Media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn,
Twitter & Instagram

  • Call-to-action leads to listing page

  • Catchy and relevant post verbiage

  • Video teaser has a max length of thirty seconds