Why do we need high resolution images… you ask? Because we want to make great print campaigns for you (like listing flyers, postcards and brochures). And why won’t MLS images suffice…? Because MLS images have been downsized for web purposes and do not have print capability any longer. If you’re not a graphic designer or professional photographer, then telling the difference between high and low resolution images can be tricky. Ask your self the following questions:


1. How Big is the File Size?

The larger the file size, the more likely the image is high-res. Typically, they range in size between 2-5MB. Anything less than 1MB is not high resolution (and is likely optimized for MLS). quality image is at least 1MB in size.


2. Where Did I Get These Images?

If they came from anywhere other than the camera itself (or the photographer), there is a likelihood they’ve been downsized for sharing via email. Sometimes, the software used to assist in retrieving photos from a camera can downsize them for ease of transmission too. It is critical that you only share original, high resolution, uncropped images with the Art Department.