Q: How does the system work?
A: You gather content and photos and submit a requests via Smarketing. The Art Department creates your piece for you. When you are ready, the Distribution Department will help you send the final piece via mail or email.
Q: How do I create an effective direct marketing piece?
A: Get a solid start. Focus on real content, factual copywriting and quality imagery. If your initial request is complete and quality, your end piece will be better (and it will get done faster).
Q: How do I submit photos?
A: Share images with Create@HawaiiLife.com using a Dropbox.com account. It’s a free and simple solution for storing and sharing images of your listings. Learn more about using Dropbox
Q: How much is all this great stuff gonna cost me?
A: Please see our Pricing information.
Q: I don’t have a mailing list, will you create one for me?
A: We highly recommend that you create and maintain targeted mailing lists – you’ll save money and the list will be more targeted. If you want us to create a mailing list for you, services will be billed at the rate of $50 / hour. 

Q: What is the standard turnaround time?
A: Once you approve the distribution request, it generally takes 7-10 business days for printing and mailing. This does not include the time spent in post. So plan accordingly. Being proactive is always a key to success, but if you have an unexpectedly urgent time frame, you can PAY extra for rush production. *Expect a 20% increase in fee for this service.
Q: My photos suck – how do I get better photos?
A: Photos are the single most viewed resource on HawaiiLife.com – so it makes sense to use quality images. Contact us if you wish to procure professional photography. We’ve assembled a list of professional photographers on every island.