Blogging Styles

Your blog doesn’t always have to be an article. And, it shouldn't be! There are so many ways to tell a story. Write short. Write long. Take pics. Shoot video. There are plenty of ways generate leads with your blog posts.

Blogs can also use infographics, pie charts, data tables or even bullet points to help you get your ideas across to readers. Create a series of blogs on larger topics and link them together in your content.


Examples of Different Blog Styles: 


A picture is worth a thousand words! Multiple high-quality, authentic images of Hawaii or your listing are gold! Here is a blog post dominated by original images, that also includes a video. 

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Take a short, well-lit 30-second video of your listing. Shoot a short video of yourself in front of it talking about it’s best features. Shoot an amazing Hawaii happening and share in as a blog post, with just a few words below it to describe what your video is all about!

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A great video produced by a Hawaii Life agent using their smartphone and a few apps: